Medical Valves & Systems

We manufacturer a wide variety of Medical valves and systems used in respiratory care.

Industrial Valves & Systems

We manufacture a wide range of valves and systems that control direction, flow, and pressure of fluids for OEM applications.

Contract Manufacturing

We produce production assemblies for OEM companies and military contracts in accordance to our customer’s design.

Our Commitment

We are committed to design and manufacture the most consistent valves and systems for our individual customers. We are continually striving for:

While meeting the individual needs of each of our customers.

Our Focus

Wair Products' focus is to design and manufacture custom fluid valves and their systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Fluid systems are developed that will allow our customers to grow in their industry by offering custom solutions for their production needs. Wair Products works very closely with our customers to efficiently develop their product so they can go to market with all of their needs met.

Our Products

All of our valves are designed, assembled, and tested for a specific customer's application. Normally, our valves provide a price and performance advantage over an "off-the-shelf" valve by consolidating valves, fittings, and other system components. We provide what you, as a customer, specifically want for your product and not just what can be sold to the general market.